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Our Home Cleaning Services

With Home Neat Home cleaning services, your home isn't simply cleaned, it's cared for by professionals who tailor their services to the specific needs of your home and lifestyle.

These are basic services that we provide while cleaning your home. It's important that you know we personalize each cleaning to suit our customers special needs.

Total Care Plan


  • 1. Appliances

    Tops and fronts of all appliances and inside microwave.

  • 2. Counters

    Thoroughly disinfected and under all small appliances.

  • 3. Cupboard Fronts

    Washed with warm soapy water as needed.

  • 4. Fixtures

    Sinks scoured and faucets polished.

  • 5. Floor

    Thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned with appropriate products.

  • 6. Trash Removed


  • 7. Tubs & Tiles

    Scoured and disinfected.

  • 8. Toilets

    Thoroughly cleaned inside and out and disinfected.

  • 9. Vanity & Mirrors

    Sinks cleaned, faucets polished, mirrors done top to bottom.

  • 10. Cabinets & Woodwork

    Washed with warm soapy water

  • 11. Floor

    Completely cleaned and disinfected on our hands and knees.

  • 12. Trash Removed

Bedrooms & Common Living Areas

  • 13. Dusting

    We dust tops, fronts and bases of all furniture including picture frames, TV screens, window sills and blinds.

  • 14. Woodwork & Door Frames

    Washing 6 panel doors and dusting door jambs and frames.

  • 15. Vacuum & Floor Care

    Vacuuming all carpeted areas including stair wells and washing any uncarpeted areas, i.e. room and mud room floors.

Custom Cleaning

  • Customize your cleaning by sharing your special instructions with the professionals at Home Neat Home. We do our best to fulfill your requests.

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